• Mark Lehman

    May 17, 2018

    I recently attended a meeting of the highest producing real estate professionals in Austin, Texas. The featured speaker, John Harrell, was introduced as an inspirational speaker whose subject matter that particular day was "Purposeful Living." While I was not in the mood to hear another "motivational speaker," I am glad I stated to listen to Mr. Harrell's message rather than go to the lobby and catch up on emails and phone calls.Mr. Harrell has a unique way of integrating humor, sincerity and compassion while sharing his heartfelt life experiences. He spoke of practicing gratitude, forgiving those who have harmed you, and restoration in people's lives as a way to live life fully. Mr. Harrell was inspirational because the audience was inspired as he shared how he transformed his abusive childhood into an example of how to stop the generational malady of abuse. Mr. Harrell's message was specific, thought-provoking and challenging to each of us.You will find strength and encouragement in his message; and yes, you will find inspiration, too! ... Read More

  • Keri Newell

    May 17, 2018

    “Using wit, humor and soul-stirring personal stories, John walks you through challenging life experiences you don’t want to miss. Compassionate, confident, yet relatable, you will be drawn in by his inspiring insights and form a strong connection with John. His love for people and desire to heal our divisiveness comes through” ... Read More

  • Sandra Dee Robinson

    May 31, 2018

    “A good speaker will entertain you, a better speaker will get you thinking. A rare speaker will keep you thinking long after you have left their presence. That is what you’ll find in John Harrell. He captures an audience immediately and keeps them engaged through great storytelling, humor and solid statistics. John will make your event or conference unforgettable.” ... Read More